Why dogs should be allowed in restaurants?

Are you one of those pet parents who just can’t imagine going anywhere without taking your dog with you? Well, you are not alone and we know how hard it can be sometimes. We know how frustrating it is to walk from a restaurant to a restaurant searching for the one that will not reject you just because you are with your best buddy. A number of them are welcoming furry friends onto their patios but what if the weather does not allow you to sit outside? The main goal of our site is to bring pet-friendly awareness and the importance of becoming a pet-friendly facility.



So here are 5 perks of being a Pet-Friendly restaurant:

1. It Makes for a Fun Environment

We all know that the proper reaction to dogs is just ‘’awww’’. They are cute, they are adorable and they love you unconditionally. And one more thing – they sure do know how to create an atmosphere that is a ton of fun for all who dine there. Just imagine yourself when seeing a cute dog, it boosts your mood from ‘Nah’ to uber happy.

2. It Brings in More Customers

Either venturing out to enjoy nice weather or taking a morning stroll to the park with your fur buddy, you might be wanting to drink a cup of coffee or take a snack. In all cases, pet-friendly cafes and restaurants may open up an opportunity that may not have otherwise been available.

3. It Enhances Social Media Presence

Truth be told, we all love a little bit of showing off on social media, especially when pictures of animals and food are involved. Well, imagine that power – combined. Whether it’s a restaurant owner or a customer posting pictures, they’re sure to garner attention. What a better way to generate buzz around your restaurant than a customer instagramming a picture of their adorable puppy-eyed friend trying to get some food off the table?

4. It Provides Opportunities to Host Creative Events

There’s lots of room to be inventive when expanding the customer base to also welcome dogs. Use your imagination and throw some cool dog-friendly party at your cafe..or costume themed party….it surely will make you look popular. And why not Woof woof hour instead of Happy hour? That would be just (p)awesome, don’t you agree?

5. Dog-Friendly Menu Items Generate Revenue

Least but not last, dog-friendly menus! Dogs love fine dining as much as humans do. And what’s better than a dog having a delicious meal? With a bit of simple menu engineering for pet-specific food, restaurants can see a slew of new orders and customers. Trust us, dog owners will adore having pups enjoying their food instead of stealing one from their plate.

When restaurants choose to welcome dogs, there can be some surprising benefits. Not only does it add a unique signature to the restaurant, but the decision to welcome pets to some extent could be noticed by, at least, 41% – 50% of dog owners worldwide.